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How do you write a blog post in a way that Google likes?
Five of the Ten Essentials for Blogging

To build a website for our business, is to think about our business in a big way.
A bit like a construction site. We need to understand what we want and where to start.
Imagine the giant Google, as a construction supervisor. He will give you credentials
And good exposure, if you write correctly. Prepare the foundations strong and stable so that they will always see you. Be original and honest.

Today I will teach you the five most important basics for writing a blog post and social media in general.
The other five tips, I will write in the next post.
Bring a pen and notebook, it is important to write, memorize and save.
These are the pillars of your site.

So how do you write a post the way Google likes:

The title - must be magnetizing, intriguing and seductive. The title is aimed at the target audience to which the post is addressed. If the post is intended for pregnant, retired and independent women, you will find a name for the title that will target the target audience. When we get to a post on Facebook or a blog, we do not want them to waste our time.
For example: here in the title I target customers who want to write a good blog post, one that Google will promote organically.

The blog post address (the end of the URL) is short and to the point. It is important to include keywords. In this post the key word is post writing. Repeats itself in certain aspects naturally. Include the keyword in Hebrew or English, and add a middle hyphen (write-post or how-to-write-a-post).

The main title, is called H1. There are several options for headlines within the post. There are H1 headings which is the most important heading and additional sub-headings to H6 heading, which is a sub-heading and the least important. The first headline is the most important and the one that will provoke people to continue reading the post or not.
In the title selection category, select H1, this is the selection for the main title in the post. Use questions like: How? Why? And why? Arouse interest.

The second title, is called H2. Is the subtitle
And it will also include a keyword in favor of exposing the post on the blog and the site. It is advisable to answer the questions you asked in the first title. You can repeat the same word, or use restrictive, similar words. For example here I use the words: post, blog and website.

The last element for today, is extremely important: the post must be short and to the point. Customers who came to read the post you wrote are curious about your product. They realized that you probably have a good solution for them. Offer them value. When they feel that something good has come out of them, they will buy. Customers buy value. A good post must contain: value, emotion and knowledge.

Later this week I will give you the five additional basics. In the meantime, practice, check, change and arrive ready to receive more information that will make your posts bring a lot of value to customers and leads to the site and store.

Do you have more questions about writing a blog post?
Write to me here and I will answer later.

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