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How to write a blog post that will stand out on Google

By Josepha Edman | September 28, 2021 | MARKETING BLOG | 0 comments

5 out of the 10 essential elements for writing a blog post

Building a website for our business means thinking big and having a vision for our business.

Much like a construction site. We need to understand what we want, where to start and what are the right elements.

Imagine the mogul Google as a construction inspector.

It will grant you validation and excellent exposure if you write in the proper structure. Prepare strong and solid foundations, so you’ll always be seen. Be original and sincere.

Today, I’ll teach you the 5 most important elements for writing a blog post and social media content in general.

The other 5 tips are waiting for you in my next post.

Bring a pen and paper (or your laptop).

It’s important to write, memorize and save.

These are the pillars of your website.

So, how to write a post that will stand out on Google?

1. The title – has to be magnetizing, intriguing, and attention-drawing. It should be aimed at the post’s target market. If the post is targeted at pregnant women, retired people or self-employed people, create a title that will draw in that specific segment. When we come across a Facebook post or a blog post, we don’t want to waste our time. For example, the title here targets clients who want to write a good blog post, one that will be organically promoted by Google.

2. The post’s blog address (the last part of the URL) – should be short and to the point. Including keywords is very important. In this post, the keyword is ‘writing a post’. It repeats itself in different aspects – naturally embedded in the text. Include the keyword in Hebrew or in English, and add a hyphen (writing-a-post or how-to-write-a-post).

3. The title is called H1. There are several title options within the post. There’s an H1 title, which is the most important one, and additional titles – up to H6, which is the least important secondary titles. The first title is the most important one, as it draws people to continue (or stop…) reading the post.

In the titles selection category, select H1. This is the right option for the main title (heading) of the post. Use questions like: How? What? and Why? Tease the interest of your readers.

4. The second title is called H2. It’s the secondary title, and should also include a keyword, in order to increase the post’s exposure in the blog and the website. A good idea would be to answer the questions you raised in the first title.

You can either repeat the same word or use parallel or similar-meaning words. For example, here I alternately use the words: post, blog, and website.

5. The last element for today is the most important one: the post has to be short, to the point and provide quality content. The clients who were drawn to read the post are curious about your product. They realized that you probably have a good solution to offer them. Provide them with value. When they’ll feel they benefit from your solution, they will buy. Clients buy value. A good post must include value, emotion, and knowledge.

Later this week I’ll provide you with five additional elements. In the meantime, practice, examine, memorize and come ready to receive more information that will help your posts bring high value to clients, and generate leads to your website and online store.

Have any additional questions regarding writing a blog post?

Write me here and I promise to reply.

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