What is the connection between making pickles and writing a post for the site?

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What is the connection between making pickles and writing a post for the site?
I am not a great expert in making pickles, but sometimes I get courage and prepare.
Opens Google, searches for a recipe and tries.
The recipe that excites me the most with the most interesting picture, which I adopt.
This is exactly what your customers are looking for, when they come to read a post on the site.
Interest, emotion, courage, solution and have someone tell them what to do.

You will have to look for the recipe for pickles yourself, but, the recipe for writing a winning post on your site -
I will teach you with love. Five excellent elements in addition to the five elements in the previous post (how to write a blog post), will promote you on Google for maximum exposure. You may have come out so good that someone will ask you for the winning recipe for writing a blog and website post. You are probably welcome to share it.

The first important component:
A post on the site must be short, to the point and prominent. Use "highlights" (emphasis) for the reason that these are landmarks to Google, like road signs.
Write on only one topic, and in a language that your target audience will understand. You will leave the professional language for you. The audience is looking for emotion, interest, information, courage and motivation for action. (Not too spicy, not too salty, not too sour and not too sophisticated).

The second element to a good post on the site:
We ourselves are not interesting. Readers search by keywords for the content that interests them. Google directs it by the words it recognizes. So you will be good actors behind the scenes. Touch the pain of the customers and make them come to you, because you have the best solution.

The third component to writing a good post on the site:
Photos. There are lots of free sites. The picture must be surprising, interesting, intriguing and good quality. In addition to the image, add tags that link the image to the post on the site, enter the keywords, they are the dominant spices in pickles. More super important information: good image size 600/600 pixels.

The fourth element in the seasoning of the post on the site:
Remember the first element: short, sharp and prominent?
A good post consists of: 280 - 300 words at least and not over 350 words. A post that is too long, will exhaust and make the audience leave. We want to keep it with us, so it is important to add seasoning and interest without exaggerating, so that it will be interesting and pleasant.
Note that you are using one keyword (or one term). Of course you can also use synonyms.

The fifth important component of the post generates leads on the site:
Use quotes from smart people, opinion leaders, whose keywords are related to the post. Using quotes ranks the post in high rankings, because you have been helped by influential people. Remember of course to emphasize the words, Google directs your target audience according to the words they enter.

Now that you already know, how to write a fascinating post on the site,
I want to give you one more important tip:
You will find a connecting thread between the posts you write. The audience that came to you and stayed, is interested in more information.
You touched him, aroused passion, stimulation and interest, you will help him reach the additional posts you have written on the blog and on the website.

These are the five components to writing a post for a website. In my previous post, I wrote you the five commandments for writing a blog post on the site. You are definitely welcome to read and learn how to spice up your posts, for your audience.

And finally, I like pickles in salt with a little spiciness, and you?
This is exactly how you will write your post, stay authentic to yourself using the correct recipe I have attached to you.

And if you still have difficulty, do not know and ask for help,
You are welcome to contact me: Yosefa (Sefi) Edman
Expert in building websites and finding keywords, as Google likes.

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