What is the relationship between an isosceles triangle and external links?

external links

What’s the connection between an equilateral triangle and external links? We all know how to draw a triangle. It doesn’t really have to be equilateral, but that would be a good idea. Why? You’ll read about it in a minute. This post focuses on free external links. Yes, there’s a way to generate free, organic […]

A Long Tail – Not Just for Animals

long tail keywords

Tails are usually associated with animals. Some animals have short tails, and some – the impressive ones – have long tails. Animals like: a monkey, a fox, a cat, or a lemur. The tail symbolizes status, mood, gender, and power. The same goes for a long tail on Google, it differentiates you above the others. […]

What is the connection between making pickles and writing a blog post?

I’m not a great expert in making pickles, but sometimes I gather the nerve and get to the task. I open Google, search for a recipe, and try it out. The recipe that draws me in with the most interesting image, will be the one I’ll go for. That is exactly what your clients are […]

How to write a blog post that will stand out on Google

5 out of the 10 essential elements for writing a blog post Building a website for our business means thinking big and having a vision for our business. Much like a construction site. We need to understand what we want, where to start and what are the right elements. Imagine the mogul Google as a […]

3 Common Errors in Website Design

We all know the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game. The game involves smart riddles and solutions, patience and precise directions, that help the players find the treasure. Now, imagine that your website is the alluring treasure. The players write certain codes on Google, words that will help them understand how to find the sought-after website, meaning – […]