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A Long Tail – Not Just for Animals

By Josepha Edman | September 28, 2021 | MARKETING BLOG | 0 comments

Tails are usually associated with animals. Some animals have short tails, and some – the impressive ones – have long tails. Animals like: a monkey, a fox, a cat, or a lemur.

The tail symbolizes status, mood, gender, and power.

The same goes for a long tail on Google, it differentiates you above the others.

The more you use the long tail in a precise manner, the more you’ll stand out through the crowd.

What’s a long tail anyway?

It is an expression for a cluster or precise keywords, that will help the client reach you directly.

3-4 words that form a “plane ticket” straight to you, and position you on the first search page.

Steps for a well-groomed long tail:

An impressive tail requires special attention, otherwise – it will just be another long tail.

In order to stand out through the crowd in Google’s search and promotion engines, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Decide what’s the marketing objective of the post!

Is the objective: To generate traffic? To sell? To get more leads or to create a community?

That’s how you’ll be able to focus the keywords and create an objective-customized long tail.

  • You need to create a character or avatar, a persona, an identity – to be unique.

Think which long-tail you relate to the most.

A long tail of a gallant horse? Associate your character to gallantry.

A long tail of a playful monkey? Be a playful persona.

Find your uniqueness. It requires a bit of work and some thinking, but the outcome pays off.

How many ‘Inspector Gadget’ detectives do you know? Only one.

Think of surveillance or private detection service business owner whose professional name is ‘Detective Inspector Gadget’.

He is not just a detective, he created a brand for himself.

  • UBERSUGGEST is a recommended website, that will help you conduct long tail keyword research. The tool has a free version. Write your area code and you’ll be able to get precise results.

In a check I conducted in the research mechanism, looking for a dog trainer, I found:

Dog training – 2400 people search for dog training in a single month.

Dog training in Haifa – reduced the result to 170 searches a month.

House training your dog – reduced the result even further to only 110 searches a month.

Bulldog dog training – reduced the search results to under 20 searches, which means it will not promote your website.

Check the search results for the number of people who searched your profession using your choice of words:

If the number of search results is under 20, replace words until you reach a search level of 20 searches and above.

  • Recommended length for a long tail – between 3 to 4 words.

It’s true that the number of people that use long words or several words is much lower than those who use single keywords, but the result increases the exposure of your business big-time.

For example: ‘Car wash in your driveway’ compared to ‘Carwash’.

What is the chance they’ll find YOU of all people among the abundance of car wash places?

Compared to differentiation of carwash in your driveway or your home?

Which way will probably be more effective in leading them to you?

  • So, like we said at the beginning of the post – most animals have tails, but the one with the most beautiful, strong and well-groomed tail will stand out.

The same goes for the search engine. Check to what extent words are organically competitive. They may not be rated as highly competitive, but they will still position you in the first page of specific search results.

Remember the examples: ‘House training a dog’ or ‘Carwash in your driveway’?

Both examples demonstrate a cluster of “ordinary” words, infused with unique ones. A combination that will lead the client directly to you.

What is another way you can help clients find you, using long-tail correctly?

People look for good professionals, from the area near them – so, include your location.

For example: Diabetes expert reflexologist from Haifa.

SEO-expert website design in the north.

Make sure to repeat the keywords several times. What is the keyword in this post?

Long-tail. I am sure you knew that. I suggest reading also the previous posts that focus on writing a post on a website and a blog. You’ll find there more excellent tips.

It’s important to know - Google is in your corner. It helps clients reach you. With correct use of keywords, using the long tail, the right titles, and direction – you’ll succeed in increasing your exposure and revenue.

I wonder which long-tail you chose. Feel free to share.

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