What is the relationship between an isosceles triangle and external links?

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We all know how to draw a triangle. It doesn't really have to be equal to ribs, but it's worth it.
Why? You will read soon. This post is about free external links.
Yes, there is a way to produce organic, free promotion. Bring a pen and paper (I believe in traditional writing). On one side of the page you will draw sticks, on the other side of the page you will draw a triangle.
Make a list of who your business partners are. Once you have found out who they are, check out their site. How much activity there is in it. What is the score their site received from Google. You can check at Uberugget. Please note that their site is rated 10 out of 100 (out of 100). The higher the score, the better the exposure. Once you are impressed with them, contact them and work together, according to the laws of the triangle. This way you can increase the exposure to your sites, which will generate traffic and leads, meaning sales.

What is the difference between a very successful site and a less successful site?
External links are one of the three most important factors for opening business doors. When we share external links or a colleague shares our site, we generate traffic and Google identifies. Google loves quality traffic. (Look at my previous articles). There are those who buy a lot of link money on Mako, or Maariv or any other big site, for the reason that there is a very large exposure. Therefore, an investment of a few thousand shekels a month will probably pay off for the business owner. But what to do when you do not have a huge budget and you still want to promote the site and create good traffic that will promote you and generate more income?

Remember the sticks and the triangle?
Matkot is a two-player game usually. One bats the other returns.
A lot of power and energy is invested in the game. For Google, playing between two players is less effective. Google realizes very quickly that creating an external link between two business owners, is an "addictive game", so the promotion will be much less effective with at all.
On the other hand - if you make connections with two other business owners who are close to your power circle, you can create a three-business business movement. You have a list you made at the beginning.

For example: My business is building websites. The business partners for my power circle are:
Content writers, graphic designers, photographers, animators, etc.… How does it work?
I will put the link to the website of the graphic designer I trust, and after checking the data on my site. The graphic designer will put the photographer's link and the photographer will put my link. This is how we created a triangle that produces movement and exposure naturally. The external links were shared in the most natural way. Google encourages natural sharing. This is how you actually created a large and effective marketing network of contacts - for free. Why is the list you made important?
So you can create a lot of business triangles.

In summary: Choose who your business partners are.
Check the score their site received from Google.
Share external links only with the best ones for you.
Draw a triangle and another triangle and another one, as much as possible.
Use all the tools you have received from me so far, they are all on social media.

And if you still chose to play Matkot, call me a reinforcement actress.
Because two is nice, but three is much more.

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