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Three common site building errors

We are all familiar with the game Treasure Hunt. The game involves smart puzzles and solutions, patience and precise waypoints, to help players discover the treasure.
Now, imagine that your site is the enticing cache. Players Google certain codes, words that will help them understand how to find the desired site, means how to find you. If you have leveraged your site in leading words, Google will help them find you.
Common first error:
Too much information and too little correct buttons that motivate action. Buttons like: "Start here"! Or "Contact Us!" They are not the buttons that will drive action. On the contrary. They raise questions like: what to start, what to do and what will I get if I start? What did I get out of it?
So what to do?
Adequate reception, an important condition for providing security. Visibility must be clear, pleasant. Precise instructions that will motivate action. Add a clear button in the script, in several places, that will give value to whoever came to you and motivate him to act. Be clear in the instructions, otherwise how will they open the cache box? The customer wants to feel confident.

Common second error:
Too much information about the beginning is confusing and even threatening. People are looking for quiet, knowledge and solution.
So what to do?
Be clear! The customer came to your site, he is looking for a solution from the first moment, give it to him. A customer who has arrived can leave a lot of money with you if he easily finds what he was looking for. Therefore, good keywords give a soft landing on your site. Do you know what the best keywords are for your business? If the answer is no, I know how to find them for you.

Common third error:
On the home page you allow customers to switch between the business pages, they get confused and then disappear.
So what to do?
It is important that your home page on the site looks like a landing page. In many cases I recommend putting the menu down, so as not to be as distracting as the tabs of social networks.

These are my tips for you today.
Remember, there is no second chance for a first impression.

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