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Long tail not just live

Tails are usually linked to animals. There are animals with short tails, and there are the impressive ones,
Those with long tails, such as: monkey, fox, cat and weasel.
The tail expresses status, mood, indicates sex and strength.
This is exactly how the long tail in Google sets you apart from the other.
The more accurately you use a long tail, the more you will stand out from everyone.

What is a long tail anyway?
This is basically an expression for a collection of accurate keywords, which will help the customer reach you directly.
Three to four words that constitute a "flight ticket" to you, to the first search page.

Steps to a well-groomed long tail:
An impressive tail must pay special attention, otherwise it will just be another long tail.
In order to stand out from the crowd in Google's search and promotion mechanisms, you need to take action
According to the following steps:

  1. Decide what the marketing goal is in the post!
    Is the goal: to create traffic? sell? Get more leads or create a community.
    This way you can target the keywords and create a long tail tailored to the purpose.
  2. You must create a character, persona, identity - be special.
    Think about which longer tail you connect to.
    A long tail of a noble horse? Connect your character to nobility.
    A long tail of a naughty monkey? Be a persona with playfulness.
    You will find the uniqueness within you. It takes some work and thought, but the result pays off.
    How much of a detective do you know? one.
    Think of a detective business owner whose professional name is - Detective Sense.
    He's not just a detective. Is branding.
  3. UBERSUGGEST is a recommended site that will help you research the keywords for a long tail.
    The tool has a free version. Write down your focus and you will get accurate results.
    In a search I did in the search engine for a thousand dogs, I found:
    Dog training - 2400 people searched for dog training in one month.
    Dog training in Haifa - Reduce the result to 170 people who searched.
    Training dogs for needs - reduced even more and only 110 people searched.
    Bulldog dog training - reduce to less than 20, non-promotional result.
    Check in the search results how many people searched for your profession in the words you used:
    Less than 20 people searched, you will change words until you reach a search level of over 20 people or more.
  4. Recommended length for a long tail - about three to four words. It is true that the amount of people
    Which use long words much smaller than single keywords,
    But the result is a huge increase in your business exposure.
    For example: washing your car in the parking lot or washing your car.
    What are the chances that they will actually find you in a variety of car washes,
    Compared to differentiating a car wash at home.
    Who will they reach more easily?
  5. So as we said at the beginning of the post, most animals have tails
    But the animal with the most beautiful, strong and well-groomed tail will stand out above all.
    So in the search engine. Examine how organically competitive words are.
    They may not be competitive enough but through them you will reach the first page.
    Remember the examples: training dogs for needs, or washing your car in the parking lot?
    There is a collection of "ordinary" words here and there is uniqueness. A combination that will lead the customer, directly to you.

How else will you help customers find you, with the right use of a long tail?
People are looking for good professionals, from the localities closest to them - write where you are from
For example: a reflexologist who specializes in diabetes from Haifa.
Website building SEO expertise from the north.

Note that you have typed the keywords several times. What is the keyword in this post?
Long tail, believe you felt. I encourage you to read the previous posts that deal with
By writing a post on the site, and on the blog. There you will also find more great tips.

Important to know, Google is for you. It helps customers reach you. With proper use
In keywords, long tail use, correct headings, and direction,
You will be able to increase your exposure and income.

I wonder which long tail you chose, feel free to share.

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